Yoga Studio 9 offers you the oppertunity to enjoy the benefits of a yoga class in your home or on the road, and at any time that is conver to your lifestlye. Our experienced instructors are gifted at presenting a yoga class in an interesting, enjoyablem and healthy. Yoga Studio 9 offers classes at a monthly price that is less than most yoga classes you already attend. We at Yoga Studio 0 believe that yoga benefits your body mind and spirit. Our mission is to spread and introduce these benefits of yoga to as many people as possible. In that effort Yoga Studio 9 will continue to keep our membership costs at a price that everyone can easily afford.

  • Beginners Yoga

    If you are new to yoga, or if you want to build your yoga at a slower pace, YogaStudio9’s two Beginner Yoga Courses are prefect for you. Level One is for complete yoga novices or to anyone who wants…

  • Seniors Yoga

    As we age the most important way to aid or bodies and joints is to KEEP MOVING! Our Senior Yoga Series is modified for those whose bodies are limited by age or any other physical limitation that will …

  • Restorative Yoga

    Restorative yoga is the practice of deliberate stillness

  • Morning Evening Yoga

    Wake up your day with yoga then use yoga to help guide yourself into sleep.

  • Heart Opening Yoga

    “Opening the Heart” is an expression that can have a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual dimension. Through Yoga, our instructors will explore different ways or modes and thoughts on Opening…

  • Instructor Bios

    Sort over 100 yoga classes via level, duration, or instructor. Please Enjoy.