Welcome to YogaStudio9,

We are an Austin-based online yoga resource with a global reach composed of practitioners, yoga teachers and yoga-lovers. Our mission and passion is to support your yoga journey through specialized yoga practices: tao yoga & meditation, hatha, vinyasa, prenatal yoga, beginners yoga, senior yogaand restorative yoga.

From the physical to the meta-physical, our teaching staff shares a lifetime of knowledge and insight about everything from the building blocks of yoga postures to intelligent sequencing to the modern day relevance of chakras.

Additionally we host inspiring conversations with practitioners exploring the confluence of yoga and every day life on subjects such as surviving cancer, parenthood, personal transformation, psychology and more.

We offer various ways to participate in our online classes. You can become a member of our studio and enjoy unlimited access to our classes for one month, 6 months or a year. Or you can purchase to own any yoga video (you do not need to be a member to purchase a video).

It’s our pleasure sharing this life-changing practice with people like you.

Questions? Please contact us: info@yogastudio9.com .