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Katrina is a happy mother of three beautiful children. Her background is in Bikram yoga, but when she became pregnant, it just didn't feel right to continue practicing or teaching in the heat. With a desire to continue practicing yoga, Katrina chose to create her own prenatal flows that felt right to her growing body. 

Katrina's prenatal yoga classes move slowly and consciously through stretches, strengthening, and breathing exercises. Just as every child is different, so is every pregnancy. Above all, Katrina encourages you to connect in to your inner wisdom and your intuition to determine what feels right for you during each stage of your pregnancy.

She believes that there is nothing more precious and miraculous than creating a new life and going through the  journey of becoming a woman and mother. Katrina finds it to be a true honor to be a part of this journey with you!

May you leave feeling more at peace, more joyful and more connected to yourself and your growing baby every time you come and practice with Katrina.

May this journey of pregnancy be the most life-transforming time in your life.... for now you no longer live for you, but for your sweet growing baby.

To your best pregnancy!