Relaxation Pose With Legs on a Chair

This is a very simple yet powerful restorative yoga pose. The legs rest on a cushioned chair  (metal chair with a blanket) and a sandbag or heavy blanket across your abdomen.  Have another blanket under your head touching your shoulders and lastly an eye pillow.   You may notice restriction in your breathing with the weight on your abdomen, as layers of tension release the weight will feel lighter and your breathing easier.  As your abdomen relaxes so does your lower back.  Allow yourself to completely surrender your lower back to the floor, feeling the tension leaving your body.
Benefits:   This restorative yoga pose relaxes the muscles and organs of the abdomen, as well as the muscles of the lower back.  Increase circulation to the legs, leaving them feeling more refreshed.
Caution:  Do not use weight on abdomen if you are menstruating or pregnant.